Report of Apprenticeship Experience (F3)


Please review 21 NCAC 22A .0401 and 21 NCAC 22F .0305 for current regulations on submitting this form.
Requirements for submitting a report have changed effective 4/1/2014.

Top of Form

F3-RAE Affidavit
All applicants must print and submit the affidavit to complete the application.
You can also print a blank affidavit from your confirmation email or the "Forms/Applications" section of the website.

You will receive immediate email confirmation with a copy of this submission when you click SUBMIT.
You will also be redirected to a confirmation page.

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Yes, both sponsor and apprentice signed application affidavit
Sponsor refused to complete affidavit.
Apprentice refused to complete affidavit.
Don't know (haven't decided how to submit it)
Affidavit will be scanned and e-mailed to
Original Affidavit will be mailed to the Board office.
Affidavit is attached to this form.
Sponsor and Apprentice are both present and submitting form together.
Sponsor is completing electronic form.
Apprentice is completing form after consultation with Sponsor.
Office staff or other person is completing electronic form under the instruction of the Sponsor.

* Required